Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick Care tips for Cyclamen and African violets!

-Love cool weather.  They bloom from mid-autumn to mid-spring (or whenever it gets too hot).
-Keep them in a cool, bright window.
-Fertilize every two weeks. Allow to dry between waterings.
When they go dormant in spring, let the leaves all dry up.  Quit watering, move to the garage (or trash, if that's your bent!) and forget it.  When it starts to cool down again, you'll see new growth begin to pop up.  Begin fertilizing and watering again!

African Violets:
-Watering is the biggest hurdle.  If you water from the top, don't splatter it on the leaves!  It will spot and look ugly.  If you water from below (a better bet), just put the pot in water or fill the saucer with water.  When the soil has begun to feel moist, remove water.  We also sell very cute self-watering pots!
-Keep them away from chilly windows.  They love east light, bright light but not direct.  Turn them regularly so they don't bend to their light source too much.
-Repot once a year. While they enjoy being rootbound, they need fresh soil.

Good luck- ask us if you have questions!

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