Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey everyone- It is cold.  It is dreary.  But these dark winter (or bright frigid) days are good for a lot in the plant world.  Cooling time.  Bulbs love the cool- need it to grow in the spring.  So here is my experiment.  I have no idea if these bulbs have been kept cool enough to get growing in pots.  But what a fun little trial!
Pop your bulbs into a pot- either line with rocks (pea gravel, deco rock, dragon tears) or potting soil. 
Place the bulbs about 2/3 of the way down.  Let their little green tips and necks be exposed.  Water thoroughly but do not overwater.  Allow to dry between waterings. 
Because these look a little sad by themselves, I added some moss and glass.  Pretty, no? 
Miniature narcissus in a container with moss and rock.

Reindeer moss has a great chartreuse color!



Also check out the streptocarpella, a great inside plant for cool weather.  A relative of the African Violet- enjoys the same culture. 

Another cold lover- cyclamen.  These beauties love cool windows, medium to bright light and have the perkiest colors. 

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  1. My little white cyclamen (not so little now) is so happy :D I got it as a gift from one of your nuseries a few years ago and it's still growing strong!