Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter is in full force this week. Are you feeling dreary because of the season? Well I have some suggestions to brighten these cold winter days and to remind you that spring is right around the corner (60 days to be exact.)

1:: Start your spring garden planning! Get your lists ready and decide what you want to grow from seed or from plant. Our seeds & seed starting supplies are rolling in. The seed aisle is almost full again. So bring in your notebook & start taking notes on different things you would like to try. Or you could do your buying early so when the time comes, you just need to plant.

2:: Get a new house plant to place in your window. We have many tropicals ranging from low light to high light in our greenhouses. I have quite a few plants in my window & they make me very happy. We have flowering plants, like orchids or cyclamen or foliage plants, like philodendron or crotons. If anything a stroll through the greenhouse should warm you up.


Hope to see you at Family Tree Nursery soon!

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