Monday, May 3, 2010

Fancy ideas on container gardening! What a cool way to keep flowers right by your door. You choose a cool container, some great plants and PRESTO, beauty.
Frequent watering.
Weekly fertilzer (plant food weekly and granular in the pot)
Choose plants that have all of the same requirements for light, heat, water. (Ex. Pansies and zinnia do not go together. Pansy= cool weather, Zinnia= hot weather)

New ideas:
+Add height to the center of your container with a tropical. Try a caladium or dracena.
+Think modern. Galvinized containers, Springeri or foxtail fern, moneywort, anything green! All green, all fern textures, mosses too.
+Use Lana or Fanny Moser dragon wing begonias. These beauties are architectural and amazing!
+Succulents make wonderful, textural containers. They come in different textures and colors and when paired with a great container, they look exotic, classy and breathtaking.
+Grasses: Ornamental purple millet is awesome in the middle of a container. Try any of the optic grasses paired with ferns, mosses and a dracena in the middle.
+For perennial lovers: try a perennial grass like Yaku Jima maiden grass (in the sun, with lots of height) or in shade try Japanese forest grass.
Look for pictures later on this week!

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