Friday, April 30, 2010

Viburnums.... ah, the variety, the beauty, the sheer size and OOmph they offer. The esteemed Michael Dirr says this :"A garden without viburnums is like a life without the pleasures of music and art." Truly, they are a wonder of native plant goodness!

This week we are offering two on sale: The Compact Korean Spice bush will grow 4-6' tall and wider, maybe 5' across. They produce early spring blooms that rival lilacs in their intoxicating scent! Hardy, they can take lots of pruning, sun, drought (once established)and even partial shade.
The Juddii variety grows a bit bigger, 6-8' and as wide. It offers much of the same bloom quality, hardiness, etc. Both of these varieties have berries in the summer/ fall/ winter (red turning to black) to entice birds into a wildlife garden and provide winter interest in your landscape.
Got questions? Want a different variety? Want to know your choices? Come visit us this week! These big beauties, 3-4' tall right now, are on sale for $24.99. This is a good deal and quantities are limited!
Viburnum Lover


  1. it would probably be a lot of work, but having photographs of the plants and flowers you recommend would be helpful. thanks for these helpful and frequent posts.

  2. this comment was supposed to be for the other post about container gardening. obviously you have a photo for the viburnums. thanks for that!

  3. Ahhh, makes more sense now! As for the pics on the container: didn't have the cable for my camera. :(
    AND it was so dang busy in the greenhouse that I couldn't get in with anyone else's camera to take more! :)

  4. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed on what's new and going on in the garden! The pictures are beautiful!