Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 days until Mother's Day

Mother's Day gift idea #2

We have these beautiful glass terrariums in, which come in many different sizes. We can plant one up for you (for a fee,) or you can do it yourself!

Here is a large terrarium ($249.99.) We placed an orchid ($39.99), a juncus spiral plant ($5.99) and a maiden hair fern ($12.99) inside of it.

Total cost of terrarium & plants
before tax = $308.96

We also have smaller terrariums to choose from. Like this little terrarium ($59.99.) Inside it we have a smaller maidenhair fern ($4.99,) a small tropical palm ($2.99) and a small tropical hypoestes ($2.99.) We also put a flower fairy inside this one ($12.99.) We have lots of small tropical plants to choose from that just look great in these smaller terrariums. I love this book we have in as well, The New Terrarium ($25.00.) It has so many great terrarium ideas, the book alone is a lovely gift.

Total cost of terrarium, plants, fairy & book
before tax = $108.95

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