Monday, August 8, 2011

Plan for the Fall

Summer is quickly coming to an end. Kids are heading back to school. That means it is time to start either planning or actually planting your fall garden.

Now is a good time to sow some more carrots & beets.

We still may have some extreme heat before the cool of September sets in. So it would be a good idea to start seeds inside, of the fall veggies you want to grow. But before transplanting them into the garden make sure you acclimate the new sprouts. Place your containers in direct sun and provide lots of moisture for 2-4 days.


  1. This is off topic, but did you guys stop running weekly specials? Noticed those haven't been showing up on the site lately. I'd like to know if your roses go on sale anytime soon.

  2. Thanks for asking. We had stopped them in the heat of the summer. But now that fall is approaching we will start them back up again. And roses are on sale, our double red knock-outs are 25% off, all other roses 50% off.