Sunday, December 5, 2010

I want to help all of you out there who are growing plants indoors.  Do you water correctly?  Yes, there is a correct way to water. Let me pass on to you the information we give customers who ask for help:

Wait until the plant is dry 1/3 of the way down (use your finger to test).
Add water- visualize how big your pot is and add that much water.  6 1/2 inch pot? 2 quarts or so.  With newer potting soils that include lots of vermiculite and perlite (and no actual soil), water can just run through the pot if the plant is very dry.
Do not water again until the plant is dry 1/3 of the way down!  Mark (manager at the Overland Park store) always says, "Plants are like people.  They can only drown once!"

Also, if you hadn't noticed, it is the Christmas season!  I know... Christmas trees :)  We carry Fraser Firs, Noble Firs and Scotch Pines.  Obviously, they come in many different sizes!

Here's our recommendation for a successful live Christmas tree this year:

First, set up your stand BEFORE you come to pick up your live tree!  (Please, please do this.   Read on for particulars....)
Choose tree and let us trim the end, wrap it up and load it for you.
Rush home- literally!  You have about 45 minutes to get this puppy home and in water before the clean end callouses over.  While the end is still fresh and open, the tree will take up water and stay looking beautiful for weeks!
When you get your tree home, immediately put your tree in the stand and pour BOILING water into the stand.  Don't allow the tree to run dry (ever) but most crucially in the first two days.  Another story about our manager Mark involves him setting an alarm for three a.m. to go down and water the Christmas tree!  It is really important to keep the water reservoir filled completely during the first couple days.  The tree will "drink" more than you think! Check frequently.

(On a side note, we sell a Candycane watering funnel.  It's a hoot and makes getting water into your tree much easier when the tree skirt and presents are in the way!)

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