Friday, October 29, 2010

Speaking of bulbs, it is not only the time to plant, but the time to dig up bulbs as well.

Tropical plants such as Cannas & Elephant Ears (pictured below) need to be overwintered properly and outdoors in KS is not the way to do it.

Once the frost has blackened or wilted the foliage (do not leave it out during a hard freeze) cut back the foliage about 3-6 inches from the bulb.

Dig the bulbs up carefully. Clean off the soil & let it dry for about 2 weeks.

Store the bulb(s) in an unheated, dry space with temperatures between 40-50 degrees in boxes or bags with airholes  filled with sawdust or peat moss. Don't place the bulbs in storage touching.

Check the bulbs a few times throughout the winter for signs of rot.

If you have the bulbs in a pot, you could just cut back the plant and bring the entire pot in for storage.

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