Friday, October 22, 2010

The fresh harvests of the summer are coming to an end. Soon we will be in the heart of winter dreaming of the spring & summer days to come when we can enjoy the fresh flavors those seasons bring. So to make the winter foods still taste fresh bring your herbs inside!

Here are 5 herbs you should try indoors:


If you are bringing them in, trim them back & clean them up. Plant them up in a pot with good soil & drainage. They need quite a bit of light to survive indoors, 6 hrs of light at least. So put them in your sunniest window. If you have a lack of natural light you can add some artificial grow lights as well. They need less water through the winter & not a lot of fertilizer. You should feed them once a month with a very dilluted general purpose fertilizer. Don't expect your herbs to produce as much as they would through the summer, make sure they are healthy & happy in their pots before you start harvesting from them.

So if you have some non-hardy herbs outside, give bringing them in a shot. You don't have anything to lose. And if you have already cleaned out your herb bed yet want to give indoor herb growing a shot, don't worry. We carry a selection of herbs all year long in our greenhouse.

We also have some awesome eco-friendly pots on sale, 50% off! They would be great for your indoor herb garden!
(ps- the potted plant in the post before this was in one of these pots! Cute, eh?)

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