Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why aren't our mums blooming yet?

So…when are the mums going to bloom? I’ve heard this question a lot this year. Our mums look fab- they’re big and full and round- some are budded, but no blooms yet. What’s the deal you might ask? Well, here’s the scoop…

Green Mums (no buds/color):
• Cool weather speeds them up
• Hot weather slows them down

Mums with color:
• Hot weather speeds them up
• Cool weather slows them down

So we’re relying a bit on nature here.  So we want it to cool down so our mums will bloom and stay cool so those blooms will last.

Other things to think about:
• You can trick mums a bit by messing with their daylight, but forced mums tend to bloom out quicker
• Mums usually bloom about 3-6 weeks- depending on temperature and light, so try and always buy mums in bud
• Darker colors, like red and purple, can fade out quicker
• Mums need 6 hours of sun to bloom, but can be potted in shade as long as flowers are at least half-way open

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