Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time to make-over your containers!

All right, if you’re containers are like mine- it is definitely time to rework and refresh the front pots. Most years I urge customers to take stock and save what looks good, but with the way this year went I say it’s time to cut your losses and start fresh!

We tend to instantly think of mums when designing fall containers- and I like mums, but they have a short bloom time and will need to be replaced at least once if put in pots this early. If you love mums try putting a small one in with a combination of other plants. This way when the mum fades you can pluck it out and pop another in- no big deal (or expense). Mums look great with tropical crotons, ornamental peppers, big cabbages and coral bells. One of my favorite go-to arrangements for fall is simple: Ornamental grass (or corn shocks in large urns) in the center with 3 purple kale or cabbage around. Fill in areas with bright orange pumpkins and gourds and tuck in chunky Algerian ivy to cascade over. This super simple combination looks like Ms. Martha herself stopped by to decorate and looks fabulous through Thanksgiving!


Great plants for fall:

Ornamental cabbage/kale
Swiss Chard
Mustard/ Lettuce
Ornamental peppers
Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny)
Heuchera (Coral Bells)
Rieger Begonias

Remember to think outside the box when putting together fall containers. Shrubs, like Little Henry Sweetspire and Rosy Glow Barberry are a great focal point in containers and will winter over in the garden!

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