Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A fairy garden is a miniature garden, a fairy sized garden. We have a lot of miniature accessories (buckets, benches, arbors, wheel barrows, bird baths, etc) along with flower fairies to place in the garden. It is usually created in a smaller item, like an old bird bath. You use small plants to create it fairy-scale. From small tropicals to herbs. ANYTHING WORKS! Use your imagination. You can come in and by one already created or special order one. We are building a large one in the greenhouse at OP, table size! It will also have a water feature! It is a work in progress, hoping to be finished by this weekend's Landscape Expo. If you have fairy garden questions feel free to call any of the stores.

Close up of our table-size fairy garden from Spring Open House

Pre-made fairy garden $69.99

Our large fairy garden under construction

Large fairy garden, still a work in progress.

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