Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lawn Lawn LAWN

You love the feeling of a great green lush lawn.  It's going to be fall in a couple weeks and the best time, the prime time, to sow seeds is the first two weeks of September. Most lawns right now are looking pretty stressed, heat stressed, parched, etc.  If you want your lawn to come back in the spring nice and green and weed-free, we suggest applying weed killer right now.  After you apply it, you have to wait four weeks to seed or fertilize.  If you are planning to reseed, that would make NOW the best time to kill those weeds!
Another common problem in lawns right now is crabgrass.  Good news if you're seeding for fall, simply verticut it and reseed.  If you won't be seeding in the fall, we recommend Bayer Bermudagrass killer, Trimec or Weedout with Q.  To apply these, water your lawn well a couple days in advance (give it an inch of water).  (Your existing grass is pretty stressed out right now, we don't want the grass killer to kill the good stuff) When you go to apply the crabgrass killer, it will attack and kill the crabgrass only.  The three I've mentioned are also pre-mixed; easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.  Yes. I said that.   

Is your lawn rife with brown spots? It may not be just the heat.  Mark, our manager, noticed a few patches here and there on his yard.  He thought it was just the heat but discovered GRUBS.  Yes, grubs.  If you have a splotchy lawn, get in there and dig around a bit.  If you discover little grubs (they are still little right now), they are eating the roots of your grass and the grass is dying!
What's the prescription? Dylox.  It is the only chemical that will work at this time of year (due to the heat). 

If nutgrass or nutsedge is your nemesis, you gotta check out SedgeHammer.  It's the best thing on the market!

Feel free to fertilize your lawn.  It is a good time to feed your little rootlets.  For organics, we recommend Chickity-Do-Do or Milorganite!  Smelly but great. :)  We have slow release "Winterizer" on sale too!  Come in and check it out.  Ask one of our lawn gurus! 

Lawns ahoy, xoxox

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