Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is a sample butterfly garden design, inspired and requested by the SeaPea herself. It's been a year since she put in the request, but better late than never!

Hopefully you can see the set up fairly well. It is a kidney shaped bed, meant to sit in the middle of a yard or against a house. It is flanked on one end by a large, full-size Buddleia. I chose Black Knight for the drawing, to keep the colors in a purple/ gold realm. But I've included a picture of the white buddleia in my own yard!
The other end is reserved for a Tiger Eye Sumac. This is a very trendy plant these days- a hybrid of the native sumac we see on highways all over the midwest. This is a brilliant plant- gold, chartreuse, bronze, red midribs and a big "flower" head. While this plant has some drawbacks, it is a KNOCKOUT.
In between these two large structural shrubs are lots of blooming perennials. Bronze Fennel, Paprika Yarrow (Achiliea), Coreopsis, Monarda, Lavender, Asclepias (see photo), Sedum and Echinacea. I've moved from purples to yellows to oranges. Yes it's a lot of color. But do it for the b'flys!.

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