Friday, July 2, 2010

It's really summer now folks! I've noticed that many people's gardens are very "Spring Heavy"... this means they have lots and lots of Spring bloomers. But they may be lacking Summer inspiration! Never fear.... FTN is here! (ha ha)

I want to post some great ideas from our awesome staff. We have landscape designers on staff to help you design your home landscape to fit your needs: now is a perfect time to take advantage of all our knowledgeable staff. Here are some of our picks for great summer bloom, color, structure and POW!

Jonah says: Russian Sage and Paprika Yarrow (the beautiful burnt red). Both enjoy full sun and need little or no special care.

Chuck in the Nursery picks the Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood tree and the Orangee Flame Mahonia. Wow. The color variations on these plants are amazing. It really tells a story about how rich a shaded garden can be. (check out the images)

Another beautiful part-shade option is the Hydrangea: woo hoo! It can be big and bold (usually white-ish blooms) or smaller (more color variations, dark pink, blue/ pink/ lavender). Let our nursery folks help you with your hydrangea issues- mostly it's a matter of getting the correct amount of sun/ shade and fertilizer.

See you soon with some more great pics for the summer garden!

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