Monday, June 7, 2010

So I was strolling along outside and decided to capture some of our awesome bloomers.

First I will start with the one perennial I captured today. The Balloon Flower. I think this flower is so neat. I remember getting one for my grandma when I was young. And I am thinking about getting one for myself now! It takes full sun- part sun. It grows to be about 8-10" tall. It is a dwarf plant with a star shaped, purplish flower that starts out as a balloon. And it's a summer bloomer, that's now! ($7.99)

Keeping with the purplish theme next is an annual, Laurentia. This is a mounding plant that is easy to care for. It blooms from planting until frost. It grows to about 12-14" tall and requires full sun. ($5.49 per 5" pot)

Now for some color! Check out these Zinnias I know this is a very popular and normal flower but look at them. They are so pretty and summery. They require full sun and are easy to grow. They get to be about 12 - 14" tall and are an annual. ($4.99 per 4" pot)

Now, for the finale of todays chosen bloomers... drum roll please...

The Dinner Plate Dahlia! This striking summer - fall bloomer gets to 36 - 48" tall and requires full sun. It attracts birds and butterflies and makes an excellent cut flower. Pinch excess blooms and deadhead to keep it blooming longer. ($19.99)

Ok, I have one more anti-climactic image to add.

Yea... it's grass. But really cool looking grass. I love the flowers but I am a sucker for green. These caught my eye. The photo does not do them justice. So just trust me. They're neat. ($6.49)


  1. balloon flower: full sun-part sun. what does that mean? how many hours of sun does it require?

  2. It means about 6 hours or more, it could handle full sun all day.