Friday, April 23, 2010

This rainy morning makes me think of all the growing STUFF yet to come! It hasn't really entered the warm season yet, but we're almost there. Warm season plants include all those lovely mediterranean vegetables and herbs that are too delicate for Kansas springs: basil, rosemary, parsley, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers (to name just a few on the top of my list).
My garden is filled up with lettuce, spinach, snow peas and broccoli right now. While I love them, I really long for the squash and zucchini of July. Not to mention melons and cucumbers!

It's time for annuals! Annual flowers are the lovely plants that just bloom for this year- too delicate to overwinter. We have the showiest geraniums, impatiens (New Guinea, Sunpatiens), dahlias, begonias, gerber daisies... this list goes one. Ask any of us how to care for them! (The right amount of sun, some fertilizer and good soil, regular watering and you're good)

Perennials: well, they are amazing! They come back every year, require little maintenance and bloom during their season. So: they fill out the garden bed but don't offer constant blooms. They have lots of OOMMPH. If you choose more native types, they are very water friendly! Examples for full sun include: yarrow, daylilies, liatris, hollyhock, echinacea, gallardia, rudbekia.

Look for photos later on today.... more spring on the facebook page!

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