Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is certainly underway here at FTN. I was in the nursery this weekend and was knocked out by the show!
This picture is a Royal Burgundy Cherry. They are about done blooming but now the leaves are coming on- chocolate/ green and serrated. They are just a lovely tree! They get about 20-25' tall and are an upright grower. Perfect addition to your yard...
The azaleas are blooming their hearts out; the rhododendrons are about to bloom; the Cayuga viburnums are competing with the lilacs for most beautiful scent/bloom combo!!
Anyone out there love old fashioned Snowball bushes? They are a hearty, vigorous type of Viburnum and their bloom time is almost here. Ours are covered with blooms, still green, about to color up!
We still have red tags (read: sale) all over the place. Our internet coupon is too good to pass up! Sale on perennials....

Roses will be ready April 26th! Already we are pretty well stocked. Pink double Knock-Out roses are in the house. Get 'em while the getting is good!

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