Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello FTN customers and friends!
So, how many of you watch any of those landscape makeover shows on TV and wish you could be a part of it? It may surprise some of you to know that right here in Kansas City, we have a program called Keep Kansas City Beautiful Dreamscape Makeover. This program is organized by Bridging the Gap, a wonderful non-profit organization that focuses on helping neighborhoods redevelop themselves (mostly through volunteer labor and love!). It also sponsors a yearly landscape makeover contest.
This past August, Family Tree Nursery donated its time and plant material to a very deserving family in the Northland, who won this year's drawing! We had a blast helping choose plant material, planting and just seeing the transformation. This design included rain barrels, a rain garden, an arbor area, a french drain, along with planting the front and sides of the house. It was made possible by many, many volunteers; from the contractors (Audrie Seeley), the hardscape (House of Rocks), native and wetland plants (Prairie and Wetland Center) to the actual volunteers who dug holes and put plants in the ground.

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